Keepsake Carvings That Will Be Treasured For Generations

christine carving a keepsake

Christine Coffman has been creating thousands of carving keepsakes over her talented career! Many of Coffman’s carvings have been purchased to become family keepsakes that will be treasured for generations. Because she works mainly in miniature, the little keepsake carvings can fit into any household. And because she designs all of her own work, the keepsake carving can reflect any particular moment from the past, such as a little girl or boy holding their favorite stuffed animal, or sporting a special outfit or maybe just showing a trait like shyness with the tilt of a head. A tiny keepsake carving is a good way to share a smile with someone that is many miles away. They can be a way of celebrating an event. Recently a client described the members of a wedding party and asked that a bear family be created to celebrate the event. Certainly that is a one of a kind gift that will be smiled over for years to come.

keepsake carvings available now

Please click the Keepsake Carvings Available link to see Christine's carvings that are available. More figures will be added to each of the new Nativity groupings. Even the simple single carving of Baby Jesus can be developed into a many figured Nativity, possibly with animals, maybe with children gathered round. Sets of the Three Wise Men, Shepherds with sheep, and more Angels will be added to the other Nativity sets.

nativity family keepsake
Nativity Family Keepsakes
keepsake child carving
Victorian Child Keepsake

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ornament child keepsakeTiny Child Keepsake Ornament:
Often the "tiny child ornament keepsake" is the first Christmas ornament given to the new grandchild. There are boy ornaments, girl ornaments, or "just a little baby" ornaments. The ornaments are dated with the year, or on request the full date of birth could be used.
nativity angel keepsake carving
Angel Carving Keepsakes

american sign language I love you signASL American Sign Language Keepsake
"I Love You" Hand Sign
Probably the best known American Sign Language sign is the "I Love You" sign (handshape). It is an easily recognized sign - made by celebrities and politicians, and often printed on t-shirts. Making the I Love You Sign blends the handshapes for the letters I, L and Y into one handshape.

keepsake christmas ornamentsKeepsake Christmas Ornaments, which can be used on the tree or as "out all year" figures, are very often used for gifts such as "noggins" and Santa ornaments. Keepsake collectors can find many animal keepsake wood carvings of their interests such as cats, bears, penguins, pelicans, pigs and many others.

butternut bearsButternut Bear Keepsakes

cat keepsake carving
Cat Keepsake Carvings

People often see their own cat's traits in Coffman's cat wood carvings. Cats seem to be able to be posed in any position. Cat carvings can have sleek smooth lines or can suggest a cat that has been very well fed. A simple cat carving can portray a lazy attitude or seem ready to pounce.
nativity carving keepsake
Christmas Nativity Keepsake Carvings
So clients can feel they are creating their own, personalized nativity scene, Coffman creates separate pieces that can be interchanged among the Nativity sets. Coffman's keepsake nativity sets set the scene using only figures and simple palm tree backgrounds and they are Coffman's specialty. She uses wood carving to create Nativity figures that would be better described as miniature sculpture, rather than simple craft pieces.
nativity keepsake carving grouping
Nativity Christmas Crèche Keepsakes
Each Nativity crèche is created to show an emotion that could have been felt at the manger scene. Each figurine is carved with the same care, be it the Baby Jesus or a shepherd. Sometimes the scene reflects joy, or awe or contentment. Sometimes the set will suggest an air of excitement and expectation. Sometimes it becomes a Nativity scene showing of a little of each of these emotions.
character bear keepsakeBear Keepsakes
Coffman has a lot of fun carving the Bear Keepsakes. There are all shapes and sizes of collector bears. And the bears have a lot of fun making people smile. There are silly ones for someone who needs to be cheered, tiny ones for people with little display space, and bear hugs that make it possible to send someone a hug through the mail. They make funny little groups that can be added to easily.
santa victorian keepsakeSanta Claus Keepsakes
Coffman enjoys carving Santa Claus as both the American traditional jolly Santa Claus, and as the older version of St. Nicholas who is often portrayed as taller and thinner and more serious. When carving a Santa, or Saint Nicholas, Coffman has a general idea of how she would like the Santa to appear, but as the carving develops, Santa's head may take on a different angle, or Santa's hands positions may need to be rethought to call attention to what Santa is holding.
  nativity three kings carving keepsake
Nativity Christmas Three Kings Keepsakes
keepsake character bear sisters keepsake carvingsSisters Keepsake Carvings
"To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time."
* Clara Ortega


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Keepsake: Anything kept, or given to be kept, as a token of friendship or affection; remembrance.

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